Our Story

We started Designs for Marketers (DFM) while running our content marketing agency, Grow and Convert, and noticed our clients had the hardest time implementing any design change on their sites.

Our content agency produces blog posts that rank for high-intent keywords for clients, and while doing that there are often changes that we recommend the client make:

  • Modernize an outdated blog design
  • Clean up navigation bar links and add CTAs
  • Update an old landing page
  • Change outdated designs on their homepage
  • And so on
On routine client calls, we’d recommend they make one of those changes, explain why (mostly to increase conversion rate), and the client would agree: “Great idea, we’ll get on it! 🙌
Then a month would pass and we’d ask for an update, “Any progress on the landing design changes we recommended?”
“Not yet,” they’d say, “our design team is really busy with another project right now 😔”
And we’d wait.
Often months would pass and their design team was somehow always busy with some other pressing projects.
It got to a point where we’d just do the design in Figma ourselves, because we really felt that this change would improve all marketing results for them, including from our work. Even then, just getting those updates implemented would take months.
So eventually we began to just do design and development work for clients because we knew these changes would improve the number of leads we could attribute to our content.
This has happened so often that eventually it struck us that this was the norm:
Marketing teams are the last to get design and development resources from their companies.

In-house designers and developers are always busy with product updates and other “big” projects. So, marketing site updates that need to get updated never get updated, or they happen extremely slowly. We’re talking:

  • Marketing site redesigns
  • Landing page redesigns
  • Blog redesigns (or first designs)

We figured if client after client at our content agency had this problem, others must have this same problem. So what if we took our expertise in conversion optimization, positioning, and design, and offered it to any marketing team from any company that was bottlenecked by an overcommitted in-house design and dev team?

Specifically, we wanted to offer marketing teams access to a design and development team that:

  • Is fast – days or weeks to turn around designs, not months
  • Is high-quality – thoughtful design where every decision can be justified
  • Understands marketing - design decisions are made based on increasing conversion rate and producing business results, not just aesthetics
  • Is experienced - done by a team that’s done lots of AB tests on marketing sites and knows what works and what doesn’t
Our team has those characteristics.
Specifically, our work at Grow and Convert involves writing articles and copy that carefully position our client’s products as the best in their industries against competing articles on page 1 of competitive Google search terms. So we get the nuances of product positioning and sales copywriting – we do it everyday. In addition, we attribute leads to our blog posts through first and last touch models, so we are deeply concerned with conversion paths once a visitor lands on a website and accurate analytics. We pay attention to the user experience of landing on a blog post, clicking to a homepage or landing page, and filling out a form to talk to sales, request a demo, add a product to cart, or start a trial. We know that the details of how the homepage, a feature page, the pricing page, and signup page matter in converting traffic to customers.
In addition, half of our founding team has also been running Growth Rock, an AB testing agency, for over 6 years. Growth Rock is now focused on ecommerce sites, but historically it’s run countless AB tests for SaaS and other business models, from testing popups vs. sidebar CTAs in blog posts, to the nuances of how links are worded and formatted in nav bars, to countless landing page and homepage redesign tests. At DFM, we take our learnings from hundreds of past AB tests run at Growth Rock and apply them to the design decision we make for clients.
We are tired of marketing teams not being able to implement their ideas fast enough to make progress as quickly as they want to. We’re here to help fix that. Reach out and tell us more about your project below